maskros  [dandelion]

It all started with a dandelion...

I'm Morgan Marie, the woman behind Blomstra Floriography, LLC.

I've always been an artistic soul, and flowers are my medium of choice. 

I am an FDI Certified Wedding Specialist, certified by the Floral Design Institute - the most respected floral design school in the world.

As a young child, I, like many children, picked dandelion and other "weed" bouquets for my mom. Making wishes and blowing the dandelion seeds was also a favorite pastime. I drew flowers all over everything, and since I was a kid with little talent in drawing, I became quite proud of my flowers. 

I started Blomstra Floriography under the name Esseré in Fiore, but quickly realized the authenticity was missing. Although the Italian name was beautiful, it wasn't me. My progenitors came to America from Scandinavia and my maiden name is Westerberg, which means "west of the mountain" in Swedish.

Although I live east of the Cascades, my design style is heavily influenced by the Nordic countries and mixes in a bit of west coast flair and east coast luxury as well. 

"Blomstra" means "flourish" or "bloom" in Swedish.

To me, this translation not only refers to flowers, but to people as well.

I believe we as humans flourish and bloom when we love and are loved in return.

I first happened on the beauty of the language of flowers in high school. I filed it away as interesting information, but as I got older, I became more and more enthralled with this romantic form of communication. When I fully delved into the language of flowers and all the beauty it conveys,

I knew I had to become fluent in floriography and share it with the world.

When I'm not designing beautiful arrangements,

I spend time with my husband and sweet daughters (all of whom love flowers and plants as well)

...and yes, I still wish on dandelions.